Dear Customer, Supplier,


Over the past 40 years, Dirk Postma has developed NIFA Technologies into what Nifa is today; a reliable and customer-oriented organization specialized in equipment and consumables that fit within the broad framework of artificial reproduction.

High over the development of artificial reproduction;

  • When Dirk started in the late 1970, there was really only A.I. (Artificial Insemination) in cattle.
  • In the 1980, a total concept for Pigs A.I. was developed in collaboration with customers and universities.
  • The 1990 were characterized by the organization of large numbers of A.I. centers for horses. While at the same time the interpretation for Embryo Transplantation got shape.
  • Followed by the development of a human and cryogenic branch and initial commitment to techniques such as OPU and IVF.

NIFA has also been strongly involved from the beginning in the supply of materials with the application of sexing bovine semen. In order to further joined forces, Nifa became a full subsidiary of IMV Technologies (head office in France) in 2010.

This further reflected in tasks such as key account management. Characteristic for Dirk is his drive – besides focus on the customer – to find and create solutions. Thanks to a perfectly functioning Team NIFA, there was always the space to remain creative and this gave the opportunity to further developing the NIFA product range. In that respect, a real pioneer… together with his customers.

Dirk found and still finds it very important that NIFA continues to provide customers with optimum information and, above all, delivering the desired products on time. NIFA did that and will continue to do so … even if Dirk hands over the keys on 31 of May and “hands over” the company completely to the current NIFA Team. For almost all customers, Dirk is the face of NIFA but he was not alone, Janny is perhaps even better known to a number of customers. And…. you can continue to count on the entire NIFA TEAM.

 It is also important that the NIFA Team is prepared for Dirk leaving. Dirk has been transferring more and more to the Team since late January and his to-do-list is nearly empty. And with the arrival of his successor (John Jansen) Dirk is confident that a smooth continuation has been secured.

The plan was to visit as many customers as possible and say goodbye in recent months. Sobriety first, as a result of all measures this was not possible and so it is the way it is.

On behalf of Dirk, we thank you for 40 beautiful and intensive years, thank you for your confidence. The NIFA Team is proud to have worked with Dirk and confidently looks forward to continuing working with you.



Team   Nifa Technologies


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