Dear Customer,

Product quality is the priority of the IMV Technologies group and we work with historical suppliers who have always been committed to a similar quality approach. For several months, these partners have suffered from soaring commodity prices: cardboard, transport, electronic components, metals, but above all plastics raw material.

We will remain loyal to these partners who know how to meet our high standards and are forced to accept today that their difficulties have a temporary impact on the price of our products and therefore we have taken the regrettable but necessary decision to put in place adjustment measures.

From May 1, 2021, a temporary Material and Logistics surcharge of 1.45% will be applied to all invoices. Equipment, LN tanks, extenders and Leja slides are excluded.

We are continually monitoring the development of these increases in raw materials and will reassess this surcharge up or down on a quarterly basis.

As of May 1, this temporary surcharge will appear on your order acknowledgment, and on your invoices under the entry “Toeslag Materiaal & Logistiek”.

 Finally, thanks to our historical and direct relationships with our suppliers, we are not confronted today with disruption in our supply chain, and we will continue to do everything possible for the continuity of activity of our customers.


We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and feel free to contact us for any questions concerning the surcharges.

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