Many sow farmers want to know more and more early whether their sows are pregnant. A quick calculation tells us that a 5% improvement on a farm of 1,000 sows already saves €2,560 after taking feed, labour and loss days into account.  

With the Easi-Scan:Go Lite, a new generation scanner, it is possible to determine gestation at 18 to 19 days (starting from the last insemination day, often the day the sow is double mated). On farms which scan independently, we have found that the majority of users are able to scan reliably at a younger age in only a few weeks time. For people who are interested to learn, the Easi-Scan:Go Lite offers a unique ability to connect up to three screens which allow you to easily follow and monitor the scanning process.  

Work comfort 
The Easi-Scan:Go Lite is connected to an external display via an app. Mostly a mobile phone is used, both Android and iOS devices are possible. Additionally, a tablet can be connected as well. The scanner can also be equipped with goggles called “Bug:Go”, which provides increased work comfort. Apart from pregnancy scanning, the Easi-Scan:Go Lite can also be used for body condition scoring by simply adjusting the settings on the phone.   

The Easi-Scan:Go Lite meets the IP67 standard, which means you can easily clean and disinfect it wet. Furthermore, this scanner is supplied with a dual battery charger that allows you to charge two batteries simultaneously, which can also be equipped with a 12V adaper for in-car charging. 

Please contact our colleagues Linda van den Broek or Hans Jubbega and request a demonstration.

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