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The Nucleocounter® sperm cell counter offers unique ease of use and effective determination of total sperm concentration and sperm viability in a semen sample.

INRA 96 medium 200ml

Equine semen preservation medium


AlphaVision insemination gun

This insemination gun is equipped with a camera and a light source. This enables the cervix to be visualized.

Oculair with micrometer and crosshairs

HWF 10x/22mm eyepiece only with 10/100 micrometer and crosshairs

IUI pipette for horses

  • length: 75cm
  • Flexible
  • Sterile
  • packed individually 

Digital thawing unit

New concept thawing unit for frozen semen.
Digitally adjustable and readable. Works fast and fits for thawing al sorts of frozen semen.

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