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Oculair with micrometer and crosshairs

HWF 10x/22mm eyepiece only with 10/100 micrometer and crosshairs

Addwipes® DYI-kit

Ready-to-use 80% alcohol desinfection cloths. This DIY-kit contains 8 rolls of 125 cloths and 8 bottles with Dentior Alcohol. The dispenser is refillable.

AlphaVision insemination gun

This insemination gun is equipped with a camera and a light source. This enables the cervix to be visualized.


The Nucleocounter® sperm cell counter offers unique ease of use and effective determination of total sperm concentration and sperm viability in a semen sample.

TBS Applicator

Introducing the Top Bull Sheath, the sheath for insemination experts who want to be even more efficient in their work. This thinner sheath with a special shape in its tip. Easy manage “difficult-to-breed” cows, improve semen use and support environmental sustainability.

Digital thawing unit

New concept thawing unit for frozen semen.
Digitally adjustable and readable. Works fast and fits for thawing al sorts of frozen semen.

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