She originally comes from the hospitality industry and is NIFA’s number one pub tiger. Agnes has been with us for three years now as a warehouse assistant. She likes to talk briefly about her career switch and why she likes it so much working at NIFA! 

‘Officially, I have a background in the hospitality industry, which is where I grew up in. My father worked in the Cambuur café where I was always to be found. So, it was no surprise that I started working in the hospitality industry myself. About 20 years ago, I was convinced by a friend to try working in a warehouse. Since then, I have seen a lot of this; from small metal to firefighting materials, home sustainability products, and plastics. NIFA’s products and the world around them are much more interesting and that makes my work a lot more fun.’ 

‘Also here you can find me in the warehouse. My main tasks are registering goods in and out, order picking and loading and unloading goods with the forklift truck. I also have some additional tasks, such as taking minutes at our logistics team meetings, I am responsible for the stock of packaging materials, and I do some production work in between. These include the production and packaging of our own lubricant.’ 

‘At NIFA, you are really included in the process and teamwork is key. There are plenty of development opportunities, if you are up for it. I really enjoy working in the warehouse and I have a lot of pleasure in my work! I really like the small team compared to larger companies where you are easily seen as a number. You can also tell your stories to your colleagues here and they can be reached day and night, so to speak. I also enjoy our office dogs who regularly come to give me a cuddle. NIFA is the first place where I feel good and appreciated. They are correct and to the point here, I like that.’ 

During the weekend, Agnes can always be found in the pub with her friends, or she goes to concerts with Dutch music or pirate festivals. She is a really sociable person! She doesn’t find sports necessary as she is lifting products and taking 16,000 steps a day. During her holidays, Agnes likes to go camping and loves the sun. In bad weather, she likes playing games. 

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