Team Nijhof in Geesteren has until recently been using the Domino printer, which required replacement. The IRIS printer, the newest straw printer from IMV caught their attention. We would like to share with you that the first IRIS printer has been installed at this company, which was a scoop!

Several customers have shown their interest in the new IRIS printer, including Team Nijhof. In mid-July the installation of this system took place, provided by our French colleague Cyril Gouret of IMV Technologies. Hans Jubbega from NIFA joined him during this process.

Within no time, Cyril had the device installed and ready to use. Because of staff availability, we decided to go back the following day for a detailed explanation and demonstration of the system. Since then, the printer is completely installed and in operation.


We look back at a successful installation and instruction provided by Cyril. Furthermore, we would like to thank Team Nijhof for their hospitality, and we wish them a pleasant working experience with the IRIS printer.


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