As a rookie, Peter started at NIFA after completing his retail degree in December 2005. All these years later, he still finds his work both enjoyable and challenging.

‘Via my colleague Johan, I started order-picking in the warehouse in 2005. In the meantime I have been promoted to Logistics Team Leader and am responsible for the warehouse and all logistics processes. In addition, as of this year, I am also the contact person for purchasing. All this makes my job diverse and challenging. I think it is nice that there are opportunities to grow within the company and that they focus on personal ambitions.’

‘My ambition is to provide goods to customers as carefully and quickly as possible. For us, quality is a high priority. But of course I cannot do this alone. Over the last few years our team has grown, which gives us the opportunity to optimize NIFA together. We have a group of nice, enthusiastic young people with expertise. I find this very satisfying and it makes me enthusiastic!’

‘Besides, my dog Dommel also really likes it at our office. She has become a true office dog. My colleagues take her for walks during the lunch break and she loves to sniff around on the grass field near the office. Throughout the day I already walk a lot, so I do not take her for walks during my lunch break. Therefore sports are also not really necessary anymore,’ Peter laughs. ‘I do enjoy watching sports, staying up-to-date on the news and taking Dommel for a walk at home.’


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