As NIFA we look back on a special year with many highlights. We have welcomed Antsje, Corine and Linda as new employees. Together with Nicolle Boonen we also picked up our marketing activities with our monthly newsletter which is well received.  

Last year we spent time on training and education: all employees successfully completed the Emergency Response Services training, we followed a Brandt pipetting training, our logistics employees completed the ADR training and Corine and Linda visited IMV, where they completed a product training. For the coming year we have again scheduled various trainings in order to be able to advise you as a customer in the right way.  

We therefore look back on the past year with a good feeling and want to thank you all for the trust you have placed in us, which we would like to continue in the coming year.  

On behalf of the entire NIFA team; Brenda, Annemie, Johan, Corine, Linda, Peter, Janny, Willem, Agnes, Antsje and Hans.

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