In November 2023, Guillaume Domain launched his company Optimize Freezing GDO near Brussels, Belgium. Though still in the startup phase, the company is already operational. Its focus is on providing customized freezing solutions of dog semen to enhance puppy breeding. Guillaume analyzes the specific needs of each dog to determine the optimal treatment and freezing process for achieving the highest quality semen. Customization is also a key aspect we cherish at NIFA! 

Ensuring Semen Quality

‘There is significant research in reproductive science, but unfortunately, the findings often go unused. This might be due to high costs or simply a reluctance to break from tradition. I see great potential here, similar to what we see in the equine industry,’ says Guillaume. ‘Utilizing research findings is crucial. I am passionate about tailoring solutions. Each dog may require specialized sperm treatment to guarantee quality.’ 

Acquiring the Right Equipment

In pursuit of high-quality semen processing, Guillaume started looking for suitable equipment. Through IMV Technologies, he ended up with us. ‘I appreciate the Dutch approach to work, so I was pleased to work with NIFA from the start. They have now installed all the necessary equipment at my facility, and I am delighted to have everything up and running.’ 

At Optimize Freezing GDO, we had the opportunity to supply and install the following equipment.

Compact Incubator 18 liters with 2 shelves

Guillaume: ‘It is a small device, but it works efficiently for me.It takes about 15 minutes to warm up, which is perfect for having all my supplies warm when I need them.’ 

Nucleocounter SP-100 

Guillaume: ‘I was already familiar with this machine before purchasing it. The device is used for measuring sperm concentration, but it can also assess sperm viability. It is an excellent machine that enables you to gather various parameters. The quality of the results is top-notch.’  

Microptic CASA semen analyser Canine 

Guillaume: ‘The CASA provides an objective assessment of sperm motility and velocity. Specifically, it provides the values of a sperm parameter for each sperm subpopulation, not just the average value for the whole sperm population; for instance, progressive motility. Thus, I obtain a substantial amount of data to examine eventually.’ 


Are you also looking for new equipment for your practice? We are happy to advise you on what truly suits your needs. Feel free to contact Hans Jubbega.


‘I have actually become a fan of NIFA. They listen to you and recommend the right equipment that suits your needs, budget and ambitions. I can ask them any question, and they know exactly what I am talking about. Personal contact is very important to me. The after-sales service is also very nice and runs smoothly. They act immediately if something seems to be wrong and guide you through it.’ 

About Guillaume

Guillaume studied veterinary medicine in Liege, and later pursued a PhD focusing on improving sperm cryopreservation in dogs at the University of Ghent. Simultaneously to his PhD, Guillaume completed the residency program and became one of the European specialists in small animals’ reproduction (dipl. ECAR) in Belgium.  

He is available to anyone interested in having their dog’s sperm frozen, from domestic pets to champion dogs. However, they need to travel to his lab in Belgium for high-quality semen freezing. Besides sperm freezing, his company offers services for storing and exporting frozen sperm, but also for inseminating female dogs on-site. To promote his business, Guillaume plans to attend dog shows in the future. 

His ambition is to expand his business and collaborate with other specialists, with advanced technology playing a significant role. We wish Guillaume all the success and enjoyment in his business venture! 

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