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TBS Applicator

Introducing the Top Bull Sheath, the sheath for insemination experts who want to be even more efficient in their work. This thinner sheath with a special shape in its tip. Easy manage “difficult-to-breed” cows, improve semen use and support environmental sustainability.

Disposable vapor shipper CryoCube

CryoCube™ provides a safe cryogenic shipping option for your embryos, semen or any other biological samples without compromising temperature or hold time.  Fully charged in two hours, this unit keeps a constant temperature of -150°C for 5 days and is safe for international shipping, in any orientation. 


Digital thawing unit

New concept thawing unit for frozen semen.
Digitally adjustable and readable. Works fast and fits for thawing al sorts of frozen semen.

Sterile culture swab

A unique tool for collecting uterine samples. Sterile and individually wrapped. 10 per bag.


This gunwarmer is the ideal tool to keep your insemination guns at a desired temperature when loaded with semen after thawing. Easy to use and it works with an included powerbank that lasts up to 6 hours.

DIY insemination kit

Consisting of:
• Plastic insemination box
• Vetrap roll 10cm x 4.5m black
• Sempersept 1L
• Insemination pipette 53cm steril
• Syringe luer 20ml
• Cotton isolation 500gr
• Priority care sterile lubricant
• Insemination gloves

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